Your Favorite Episode

"Pen15" - AIM with Heather Shaw

May 08, 2023 Your Favorite Episode Season 3 Episode 3
Your Favorite Episode
"Pen15" - AIM with Heather Shaw
Show Notes

Welcome to the latest edition of Your Favorite Episode, the show where we ask people what their favorite episode of television is and they answer. And then we all talk about it.

This week we welcome comedian Heather Shaw into the studio to talk about her favorite episode of TV.

Wanna know more about Heather? Read our blog about her here!

Here's just a little taste of what we discussed:

  • Detroiters
  • House bars
  • Nora's in Orlando
  • Moving out of Florida
  • Michigan Big Tim
  • OPen mics
  • Logging on to AOL for the first time
  • First screen names
  • Fiona Apple
  • Joe Cartoon
  • Shockwave
  • Precious by Matt & Trey
  • Subservient Chicken
  • Addiction to the Internet
  • Lists of friends
  • Canada trip
  • Starting a Cult with Tim
  • Where to see Heather: TikTok

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