Your Favorite Episode

"SpongeBob SquarePants" - Frankendoodle with Mandal

January 01, 2023 Your Favorite Episode Season 2 Episode 12
Your Favorite Episode
"SpongeBob SquarePants" - Frankendoodle with Mandal
Show Notes

Welcome to the latest edition of Your Favorite Episode, the show where we ask people  what their favorite episode of television is and they answer. And then we all talk about it.

This week we welcome hysterical comedian (who has opened for Emmy-nominee Janelle James) into the studio to talk about his favorite episode of TV.

Wanna know more about Mandal? Read our blog about him here!

He chose Season 2, episode 14 of  "SpongeBob SquarePants" - Frankendoodle.

Here's just a little taste of what we discussed:

  • Baby's first comedy festival
  • Orlando Indie Comedy Festival
  • Ali Macofsky
  • Janelle James
  • A Comedy Game
  • Big Tim
  • Heather Shaw
  • Blue Man Group
  • SpongeBob shaping senses of humor
  • Having goals
  • SpongeBob significance on rap artist reddit
  • Working for other people
  • Stand up comedy can be like therapy
  • Rugrats: All Grown Up
  • Having a magic pencil
  • Green latern ring
  • Tots with Ross
  • Atlanta Comedy Mount Rushmore

What's your favorite episode of television ever? Email us at and maybe you'll be on the next edition of "Your Favorite Episode"/=.

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