Your Favorite Episode

"Supernatural" - Scoobynatural with Glenda Carsrud

September 11, 2022 Your Favorite Episode Season 2 Episode 4
Your Favorite Episode
"Supernatural" - Scoobynatural with Glenda Carsrud
Show Notes

On this week's edition of Your Favorite Episode, the show where we ask people from all over what their favorite episode of television is and they answer. And then we all talk about it.

This week we welcome my high school friend Glenda into the studio to talk about her favorite episode of TV.

Wanna know more about Glenda? Read our blog about her here!

He chose Season 33, episode 16 of "Supernatural" - Scoobynatural and it my very first episode of "Supernatural" EVER. 

Here's just a little taste of what we discussed:

  • Mickey has a good voice
  • Ben Marcum always won the talent show
  • Remembering life before 18
  • Micro-preemies
  • Scooby Doo Experts
  • Hating Srappy Doo
  • Being on different parts of TikTok
  • "I'm just a fucking kid and I've got a big ass head"
  • Sam vs. Dean
  • Side characters can make a show
  • "Monster of the Week"
  • 'Supernatural' kept getting saved
  • Picking up family along the way
  • "Legends of Tomorrow"
  • "Psych"
  • Breaking the pattern in TV show
  • Living in hotels
  • Scooby Doo tropes
  • Being scared
  • "Ghost Adventures"
  • Living in Georgia
  • South Dakota: the autobahn of America
  • Loving fictional characters
  • Covington, Georgia
  • "Blade" filmed in Orlando!
  • "Riverdale"
  • Musical Episodes

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